Q: How can I ensure that the babysitters and nannies are safe to use?   

 A: Babysitters America uses both random and directed screening during the registration process for babysitters/nannies. Babysitters America also allows families the option to run Standard Background Checks, Boosted Background Checks, Motor Vehicle Checks and Social Security Checks on all potential babysitters/nannies for added security and peace of mind. In addition, it’s a good idea to interview potential candidates in person and contact their references for additional information.


Q: What do I do if I have a problem with a babysitter/nanny? 

 A: Please contact Babysitters America Member Support and tell us about it so that we may take the appropriate action.   



Q: Do babysitters/nannies that have complaints registered against them get removed from the site?     


A: All complaints are treated seriously and dealt with immediately by Babysitters America Member Support. Complaints can result in a babysitter/nanny being removed from the site.


Q: What if my potential babysitter/nanny doesn’t have a background check?          

A: Families have the option to run Standard Background Checks, Premium Background Checks, Motor Vehicle Checks and Social Security Checks on the babysitters/nannies they are considering hiring.


Q: What is the difference between a regular background check and a preferred background check?

A: A Standard Background Check includes a verification of Social Security number and a National Criminal Database search. A Boosted Background Check includes all of the above plus a search of State or County Courthouse Records.

Note: Different states and counties update their records at different frequency intervals and include different records in their databases (for example, some exclude misdemeanors and/or arrests without convictions).


Q: What questions should I ask a potential sitter/nanny during an interview?

A: Interview Tips:

•Make the applicant feel comfortable

•Ask to see photo ID of the applicant to confirm identity

•Keep conversation relaxed

•Get the candidate to do most of the talking

•Let your child spend some time with the candidate and look for the following:

•Body language and eye contact

•How does this nanny act with your children?

•How does your child respond to this individual (since it is the first time your child will meet this person, some hesitation is natural)

•How does this person handle your infant?

Sample Questions to Ask:


Job Related:

1.Why do you want to be a Babysitter/Nanny?

2.Describe your last job in detail, including start and end date and location of job.

3. Why did you leave your last position?

4.Did both parents work? Or Stay at home parent(s)?

5. What are your strong points when working with children?

6.How do you react when you are upset with a child?

7.What are your salary and benefits requirements?


Child Care Related:

1.How do you handle a crying baby?

2.What activities do you engage in with children?

3.What is your proudest moment in child care and why?

4.How do you feel about children watching TV?

5.How do you make bath time fun?

6.Have you taken any certified training courses in nanny field?


Lifestyle Related:

1.Do you have any children of your own?

2.Who are you closest to in your family? Why?

3.Do you have a special diet of any kind?

4.What are your hobbies and interests?

5.What do you look for in an employer/family?

6.Do you have allergies to any pets? (if appropriate)


Q: What questions should I ask the references of my potential babysitter/nanny?

A: Ask open-ended questions such as:

•Would you recommend the applicant and why?

•What are the strengths and weaknesses of the applicant?

• Does the applicant follow directions, take initiative, demonstrate common sense, good judgment, responsibility and reliability?

•Is the applicant honest, nurturing, clean and easy to get along with?


Q: How much should I pay my sitter/nanny?

A: The salary for sitters/nannies varies depending on experience, education, number of hours, number of children and location of position. Ask your potential nanny/sitter how much they made at their most recent jobs to start the discussion.


Q: How does Babysitters America keep my personal information safe?

A: Babysitters America uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) throughout the registration and login processes. In addition, individual and administrative accounts are password protected.